MeWhat can I say here that will not bore the crap out of people? I have no idea, but no one reads this page of any website anyways. Born and raised in the Boston area, I am a 26 year old senior in college majoring in Computer Information Systems with a minor in Business. Yes you read that right, I am Van Wilder, although not really by choice. I took a few years off after high school to clear up some medical issues. Since high school I have been big into computers, and I began designing websites. Only recently have I educated myself more on the topic and honed my skills to what they are today. Which brings us here to this website. This little experiment is my first personal and sixth piece of real estate on the net.

I was bothered after seeing donation buttons popping up on every personal site on the net. These people think surfers should just send them some money because they wrote an article on their summer vacation that just boggles the mind. I on the other hand have decided that I will interact with people and do any odd job for a donation. At least then I can sleep at night knowing that I earned my money, instead of accepting hand outs. That kind of stuff is just not my style, I take pride in working and earning a living. I hope to use the money I bring in to finish putting myself through school, and paying off my ever growing student loans. This makes hiring me a good move for you on so many levels. Not only will your money be going to a good cause, but you will also receive a quality product, all while seeing your work posted on my website for the world to see.

I happen to be a pretty opinionated person as well. I figure since this website is about me and what I can do for you, I would add a little section to show you who I am and how I think. My thoughts and feelings about current news and things affecting me in my life can be found in the My Rant section of the website. I am big on keeping an open mind, so whether you agree with me or you think I am borderline mentally retarded please feel free to leave your comments. Maybe then you can open my eyes to a new way of looking at the things I write about, and we can both learn from each other. That being said, please enjoy the site, and keep in mind that it was made for your entertainment.