Another Politician Without a Clue

I was watching either CNN or MSNBC last night (not sure which) and I see this Senator from Tennessee squawking about how he is on a mission to ban Girls Gone Wild television ads with a measure he calls his “Girls Gone Wild Be Gone Bill.” Let’s try to forget for a moment that we are at war and simply just analyze this for what it is.

Senator Doug Jackson said “This is being interjected right into our living room.” He then goes on to say “People feel like, as they sit in their living rooms, they just have to surrender; there’s nothing that can be done, the more I thought about it, I said, You know, it’s time to draw the line.” WOW that is profound, way to go Senator, this is your chance to really make a difference and write your own legacy. You can be the guy that removed the already totally censored ads, which run all night long when kids are sleeping, from one of the most successful series ever.

Listen Senator, you are trying to ban something that the public who elected you is craving. Why do you think those things run all night long? Do you think it is because no one is buying the product? People love this crap, so who are you saving? Hey Doug, next time you have a thought, do us all a favor and let it go. There are so many problems in this world that even an ignoramus like yourself should be able to close your eyes, open up the newspaper, and blindly put your finger down on some real world problem and make that your mission.


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