Monogramming … why?

monogramWhat is wrong with people that feel the need to monogram their stuff? Do they sometimes forget their initials? Are they senile? What are you saying to the world when you have the kind of money that you can just afford to stitch your initials all over your stuff? Sounds to me like you are saying fuck you and everyone else in this world. Are you kidding me that these people can’t find anything better to spend their money on?

So you go out and buy a $150k Mercedes to show us how much money you have, but that isn’t enough? You have to then go out and spend another $10k on custom leather seats with your initials on them? Look, you bought the Mercedes, we get it, that was the statement, you have so much money you just don’t give a shit.

Listen, I understand wanting the finer things in life. But being able to afford a $150 set of pillow cases should be nice enough, spending another $20 to have your name put on them is just a way of thumbing your nose at society. We get it, you’ve made it in life, save the $20, give it to charity, and help someone less fortunate. Better yet invest it for the help your kids are going to need some day.

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