James Frey Lawsuit

I don’t even know why I wrote about this the first time around, I think it was because I just can’t stand Oprah. Anyway ‘A Million Little Pieces’ is back in the news, and you are not going to believe this. It has been reported that a settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit filed by the readers of Frey’s book. Random House, Frey’s publisher, has agreed to refund “defrauded” readers of the book

Readers who bought “A Million Little Pieces” on or before Jan. 26, the day Frey and his publisher acknowledged that he had made up parts of the book, would be eligible for a refund of the full suggested retail price, regardless of discounts or special sales.

BUT here comes the kicker

“To receive refunds – $23.95 for the hardcover, $14.95 for paperback – consumers will have to submit a receipt or some other proof of purchase: for the hardcover, page 163; for the paperback, the front cover. They will also need to sign a sworn statement that they bought the book because they believed it was a memoir.”

I love this. From a legal and professional point of view it seems as if the publisher is doing the right thing, and they get to save face. Yet it is really bullshit because, who still has the receipt for a 10 month old book, and is willing to sign a sworn statement just to get 20 bucks back? Anyone who takes the necessary steps to get their twenty spot back should take that money and put it in the “psychiatrist fund jar” so they may one day get some help to learn how to loosen the fuck up.

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