Big Dig Disaster

I came home from vacation earlier this week and to my dismay the I-90 Connector Tunnel was closed. My normally 15 minute ride turned into a 3 hour bad joke. Why is the tunnel closed? Oh because thousands of pounds of concrete fell the fuck off the tunnels ceiling and killed a woman. How could this happen? It must be some kind of isolated flaw right? I mean the new tunnels in downtown Boston have cost the tax payers billions of dollars, for that kind of money everything should be safe and secure. Then why the hell did they find 230 more “troubled spots?”

The problem is that most of the people in this world have no pride in what it is they do for a living. Too much job security and fat lazy Americanitis leads to shoddy craftsmanship. I guarantee you if that concrete the worker poured for the ceiling panel was instead the concrete for his own home’s foundation there would not have been an issue. All we can do now is hope they find whoever is at fault for this and publicly stone them. Oh, and how about fix all of the other 230 trouble spots, especially the ones that require sandbags to hold back the water from burying me in a watery tomb.

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