Taser needed to tame 92 year old man

Looks like the police are out having some fun with tasers again. The title of this post should probably have been “Florida Police Officer is a gigantic pussy”, but I did not think that would have been descriptive enough to give people the gist. Here is the release from the press;

United Press International

A sheriff’s deputy used a Taser to stop a 92-year-old man from allegedly beating his roommate with his aluminum cane at a Florida assisted living center.

A nurse reported hearing a “thud” shortly after midnight Thursday and she found Roland Casanova, 81, on the floor, defending himself from Holcombe’s cane, the Tampa Tribune reported. The sheriff’s deputy who answered the call said Holcombe swung the cane at him also before the officer drew his Taser.

I think the Police Academy should be looking to introduce a new mandatory section of their test. After all of the physical fitness sections of the test, officers should be forced to enter a room and in said room they will be faced with a dreaded 92 year old man armed with a cane. If at this point of the exam the new recruits can not disarm and subdue the 92 year man with one arm tied behind their backs, they will fail out and never be allowed to return to the force.

Congratulations Deputy David Ripple you have officially won my douchebag of the week award. You should really be proud of yourself as you are clearly all that is man. Do us all a favor and go taser yourself where a real man would have testicles (ask a friend), then go turn in your gun and badge as you are a disgrace to the community and the great police force you represent… you sackless wonder.

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