A Million Little Pieces… Not News

For those of you that may not know A Million Little Pieces is a book that was written by James Frey and an honorary member of the oh so glorious Oprah book club. As of late this book has been all the buzz in the news. Apparently Mr. Frey wrote a book and called it nonfiction when instead parts of the story were in fact embellished, WHO CARES! Well apparently every news station in the country cares. Now in a time of $3.00 per gallon gas prices and our government screwing up all the time, a book (not real life) rules the news. If that is not enough, a short time later Mr. Frey was invited on Oprah’s show to face her all mighty wrath for being duped and we all know you do not mess with the mighty O. On her show today Oprah hammered Frey and questioned him on everything he wrote about in his book. Is this news? Apparently it is because now Frey is back in the news and every news station from MSNBC to FOX is reporting on the trivial bullshit that was discovered on Oprah’s show.

There are real important things happening every day around the world. Can someone please report on them? Just cut the fluff and spare us from all that is insignificant and just give us the friggin news. Soldiers are dying every day in Iraq, that is news. What I want are things like information from every single possible factor that has anything to do with this war, and what is going on over there in Iraq. If the media can do this correctly they may just have a few minutes left over for a couple of other news worthy stories.

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