Howard Stern to make $500 million

I know this isn’t exactly news as Howard Stern took this deal at the end of 2004. But it just hit me while I was listening to Howard’s channel on my new Sirius Sportster (It’s amazing I have not listened to FM since Christmas) just how much $500 million is. Now when you think $500 million you think that is an unbelievable amount of money, but I think when you actually break it down you begin to see just how much it really is.

  • 1 Year = $100 Million
  • 1 Month = $8.33 Million
  • 1 Week = $2.08 Million
  • 1 Day = $297,619

Now lets just assume Howard works a 12 hour day, that work out to be around $24,801 per/hr. Isn’t this country great? Only in America can the leader of the most powerful nation on the face of the Earth make $400,000 per year while a shock jock can make the same amount in less than 2 days!

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