E-card For Olde Towne

Sue Cibotti from OldeTowne Real Estate hired a monkey to develop a way for her to send html e-mail thank you cards to her customers. As a solution I built her an easily accessible web based form to fill out with her customers information and a thank you type message to them. Upon completion of the form I set up a confirmation web page to show her exactly what had been sent, and a link to go back and send another email. I also designed the system to BCC her so she could have a copy of the email sent to her own inbox to keep a record of what exactly had been sent. Below you will find images of the web form, confirmation page, and the final result sent to the customer.

Here is a preview of the submission form:
The Form

Here is a preview of the confirmation page:
The Results

Here is a preview of the final result:
The Final Email

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