Terrell Owens is a douchebag

Just because you are good at something in life does not mean that you are exempt from rules. Who do you know that can go to work, hit a coworker, then tell their boss to pound sand, and expect to still have their job at the end of the day? Apparently Terrell Owens thinks he is in fact that special. I just finished watching Terrell’s latest press conference on ESPN, where he apologizes up and down to everyone in the Philadelphia Eagles organization… it was weak. This guy was reading off a piece of paper and it could have not looked more phony, robotic, and insincere. We know you are not sorry, so why even try to apologize? You didn’t fool anyone.

It is clear that this guy is a great football player, no one is questioning that. The problem I have is that these prima donna dickwads think they can act up and cry anytime they do not like something that is going on. When players act up like this the stress caused and attention it draws from the media has an amazingly negative affect on the teams that they play for. Terrell is a great wide receiver, but there is absolutely no question that since the preseason this man has caused more harm than good for this team. Keep him suspended and let him go, hurt him in the wallet. He stands to lose 2 million in signing bonuses and another million in game play salary over his suspension. Keep him off the field Philadelphia, then give him his walking papers, we will see who wants to pick him up and deal with his whiney ass, and then we can all laugh at how little they have to pay him in the future. Kudos TO you are the most hated player in sports right now, and you have lost the respect of all your fans.


  1. Graz21982 Says...

    November 9, 2005 at 6:26 pm

    Some insane team (probably Oakland) will pick this idiot up and give him yet another shot. Personally, I’d love to see him flipping burgers somewhere but we all know someone is going to pay this a-hole. By the way the site looks great, keep it up.

  2. Powerhouse4036 Says...

    November 10, 2005 at 12:22 pm

    Listen, I’m not here to say that T.O. is the best person to look up to, I can’t say that. Let me ask all the people that want to hate on him though. Has he been tested positive for any illegal drugs in the NFL? Has he committed murder? The bottom line is the answer to these questions is NO. I admit that he talks too much and he’s a show boat, but look at the people that keep there mouths shut…Ray Lewis, Mark McGwire, or perhaps the same person that you see every Sunday morning I think his name is hmmm Michael Irvin. This guy is poison to the team, Philly knew what this guy brought to the table, but if this guy can run his mouth and produce 100 td catches in his career while bringing my team to the Super Bowl, then screw it.