No one cares about ugly people

NataleeThis is something that has bothered me for a long time, and the case of the missing girl in Aruba gives me a good example to tell you exactly what I mean. In this world filled with vanity the media is more concerned with ratings than they are with giving people equal time in the spotlight based on their situation. Case in point Natalee Holloway. This 18 year old that went missing in Aruba has been one of the top stories on the news rivaling the total devastation in New Orleans. While thousands of people lay dead in New Orleans, Natalee was still top news. This girl has been missing since JUNE! Why is her situation still news worthy? We all know why. It is because she was a beautiful, young, blonde haired, sparkling eyed woman. This and this reason alone is why this one girl has received the media coverage she has.

I am not saying that her life is not important and that she didn’t deserve coverage, what I am saying is that if she gets media coverage than so should everyone. Children go missing every day in America and yet only a few make it on the news, while the elite make headlines month after month. It is a sad situation really, that no one cares about the less physically beautiful. All I have to say is if you are not famous or ugly you better not get yourself murdered or kidnapped. Why? Because no one is going to care about your ugly ass. You will not get the media rolling to aid in your investigation nor will you get hundreds of people to organize a search party for you. If in fact your face resembles Quasi Moto you will be lucky to end up on a flyer in the mail or on the back of a milk carton.


  1. Powerhouse4036 Says...

    October 30, 2005 at 8:27 pm

    Nobody ends up on milk cartons anymore especially if they’re ugly, the milk won’t sell…Come on you’re better than that.