Stop Messing With Mother Nature

When will we all learn that Mother Nature is a force not to be reckoned with? How stubborn and arrogant are men that they think that their phallus is bigger than Mother Nature? I am telling you right now guys you can put the rulers away, Mother Nature wins. If anything can be taken away from the tragedy in New Orleans it is that we have to let nature act naturally. No longer can we try and damn, dike, and levy the waterways of this world.

How many times have we heard this decade alone that this has been the worst hurricane, flood, or tidal wave on record? It seems to be a continuing trend. Until the people of this planet learn to treat it with the love and respect that it deserves, years from now we will be talking about natural disasters that eclipse even the worst we have seen in the past few years. Now more than ever we as a people need to start thinking more about recycling, solar engery, and just playing nice with Mother Nature, or she is just going to take her ball and go home. For all you people out there that think “this is not my problem” and that “I will be long gone before any of this matters”, you are wrong. This is a problem for all of us right now.

I want to say that I for one am not a super earthy crunchy hippie. In fact I am an asshole like most of us, who happens to drive a Jeep Wrangler that guzzles gasoline at a rate of 15 miles per gallon. Now more than ever I realize that it is time to look for alterative forms of fuels, and transportation. Surprisingly Jeep, who caters to the young environmentally friendly youth of this nation, does not offer any kind of hybrid vehicle. If in fact they did, I can honestly say that I would sell my current vehicle and go out and buy one tomorrow. Some of you are probably thinking “we already have that technology, go buy a Toyota Prius.” To those people I say, until a safe vehicle that I can rely on to hold up in a collision against a Hummer H2 is designed…I don’t think so.

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