Looting in New Orleans

I fear my already lack luster writing skills are going to be adversely effected by the churning bile in stomach after watching people looting shops in New Orleans, but I am going to give it a shot anyway. What kind of septic tank scum in the face of such devastation can actually justify and have time to walk into Walmart and steal trivial material items? This is not a case of people breaking into to shops to take bread and water which I could understand in the wake of such a disaster. Instead the news cameras are catching endless droves of people stealing things like Xbox, PSP, coffee makers, and hair dryers. The city is in ruins, people have died, and people will continue to die, and all you can think about is looting trivial crap?

Today I saw an strong able bodied teenager running with an entire shopping cart overflowing with shoes. I looked at this kid closely and noticed that his shoes were in perfect working order. Now unless that kid was delivering those shoes to homeless people with cut and bleeding feet, which I can confidently say he was not, he should be found and prosecuted. When the judge is confronted with this scumbag he should absolutely throw the book at him for theft, and for violations against humanity. This is not about thievery, it is about committing a crime against your fellow man in his time of need. It is just amazingly sad…sad.

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