Lance Armstrong and Steroids

Once again Lance Armstrong steroid accusations are making the front page in sports news. Lance Armstrong won his seventh straight Tour de France in July of 2005 surrounded by controversy. I for one am not even convinced that the man was on performance enhancing drugs. You have to realize that they are watching this guy closer than any other cyclists, they want to nail him. On top of that professional cycling has one of the most rigorous drug testing in competitive sports. Lance Armstrong is a freak of nature and people need to remember that. We are talking about a man who beat cancer, that in all rights should have killed him. Armstrong has the lung capacity of almost twice that of a “normal” man…he is clearly not your average human being.

Let me say that I think it is scandalous that steroids are a part of major competitive sports, but they are in fact a part of it so get use to it. That being said, here is the problem folks, if Lance was on steroids when he won his seventh straight Tour de France so were others. If you can not handle the fact that Lance was on steroids (if in fact he was even on steroids) just remember he destroyed hundreds of other cyclists that were on steroids as well. Strap on your helmet, go ride your Huffy, and chew on that.

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