Woman gets tasered

Just in case you missed it; I am referring to the 22 year old woman who was tasered for not obeying Officer Rich McNevins orders. To view the video clip of this incident click here to download it. This woman was pulled over for driving with no seat belt, a broken windshield, a bad brake light, and all this with a suspended license. Before the officer could even get to her car she opened her door, and began yelling at him. When she was asked to get off her cell phone and step out of the vehicle, SIX times may I add, she refused. She instead insisted on staying in the vehicle and continued to talk to her cell phone.

I think this is great! In my opinion there needs to be more of this kind of thing done, and it needs to be publicized. If you do not comply with a police officer you deserve everything you have to endure as a result. Before all you civil liberties people go nuts, remember that she was told to put the phone down and get out of the car six times. Let’s make a note of how many ways she went wrong;

  1. She opened the door when pulled over.
  2. She did not comply and was hostile towards the police officer.
  3. She was driving on a suspended license (a real winner).
  4. She resisted arrest and swung at one of the officers.
  5. She would not get off her cell phone.
  6. Even after being tased she would not turn on her stomach.

Do not get me wrong here people, I think this situation sucks, but mistakes are only mistakes if we do not learn from them. The next time you are pulled over and the cop tells you to do a handstand, you do it. If this woman had just listened this would not have happened. This is why I can not feel bad for her no matter how hard I try. Do I think cops can be assholes? Yes I do. But you know what? I have never been tasered. You want to know why? Because I do what I am friggin told when a cop pulls me over.

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