SPAM – It’s all your fault!

You know what I am so sick of? I am sick of having to weed through 300+ emails a day to find the ten or so legitimate business emails. Today alone I had six emails with subjects the read “Make your penis bigger.” That is just out of control, and the funny thing is that only one was from my ex-girlfriend this time. Another one was from my mother, which was a little inappropriate in my opinion, but whatever.

Do you know why you wake up everyday with a mailbox full of spam? It is because it is profitable. These people are making money doing this, if they were not, they would not be wasting their time. A recent study suggests that around 11% of internet users actually visit and make purchases from spam email, as many as 9% of them have reported to have actually lost money to scammers. Whose fault is this? I say that it is all of our faults. Until we do something about it, the spam will keep pouring in.

So what can we do? People like you and I, who know better, need to educate the people who do not. You need to educate your mom, dad, brother, sister, and even your crazy uncle that actually thought the Prince of Zimbabwe wanted to send him 1 million dollars, and all he needed was his checking account number to get the ball rolling.

  • NEVER click the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of their junk mail. When this is done you validate the fact that this is a good address, and that the spammers have a live one.
  • Get yourself a good piece of spam blocking software like Spam Arrest. This software will weed out the spiders and bots, from actual people.
  • Take moment when you receive spam from the same email address over and over and report it to Spam Cop. They will automatically submit complaints to the offending ISP.
  • Do not waste your time opening an email from! Do you know this guy? I sure as heck do not.

The bottom line is, if we keep reading it, they are going to keep sending it. Of course unless they get brutally murdered. If it can happen in Russia, I am sure it can and will happen in the United States, the great land where people are killed for not letting someone into their lane during rush hour traffic.

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