Tattoo on your forehead?

I just want to throw it out there, that I will pay someone $10,000 to have tattooed on their forehead.

How do I look?For those of you who haven’t seen the story yet let me sum it up for you. Poor young mother wants to raise money for her son to go to college, puts her forehead up on ebay as a tattoo canvas, and sets the buy it now price at a measly $10k. Well guess what? Golden Palace Casino jumped at the chance and clicked the buy it now price when bidding was only as high as $999.99. When interviewed she said “To everyone else, it seems like a stupid thing to do. To me, $10,000 is like $1 million.” Does anyone else have a problem with this statement? I sure as hell do. You want to know why? I will tell you why, BECAUSE I WOULD NOT TATTOO MY FOREHEAD with a websites URL for one million dollars. You know what else; you can not go to a State college now days for $10k per year, so where is this kid going to school? Blaine? I guess we will all have to hope that he will become a master hair dresser and invent some new hair style to cover up that God awful tattoo.

It does not take a degree in marketing to understand that this was the best $10,000 Golden Palace Casino will ever spend. These guys got Super Bowl like exposure for pennies on the dollar. This story has been on just about every major news web site, and has probably been water cooler talk for weeks now. How many times do you think some one said Golden Palace this week? I just did. It is known that companies like this pay upwards of $100,000 just to have their name temporarily painted on boxers backs for one fight. There is simply no way that type of advertising has nearly the kind of reach that this woman’s forehead has had, for ten times less money.

How do I look?This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am just heartbroken that I missed it. I am a college student scraping by, but if I had seen that auction in time I would have sold my car in a second to raise enough cash to purchase that poor woman’s forehead. I do not think it was right, and I just MIGHT have felt bad, but at the same time, it would have been the best investment of my life. I probably would have received ten times the publicity. How would the headlines have read? College student, working out of a closet pays $10,000 to tattoo on woman’s forehead. (I’m not kidding; my computer really is set up in my closet)

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